When havesting Plants – 10 Golden Rules

Comfrey in bloom www.SunRoseAromatics.com  our farm
Comfrey in bloom
our farm

tis the season coming up to harvest your plants,
be it for distillation for hydrosols, infusing,
or just gathering for culinary uses.

Here are the 10 golden rules when harvesting by Jeanne Rose:

Great information from Jeanne Rose about Harvesting Plants and distillation for Hydrosols ~
It is Distillation season once again and people should know something about botany and ecology
before they go into a wilderness and cut things down.

Ten rules for Harvesting Plants:

1. Prepare by taking an herb (or mushroom or tree) identification course, studying guidebooks.
Learn your plants by their Latin binomial.

2. Keep a journal to record plants identified, the condition of the population, and precise locations,

3. Become familiar with the poisonous plants that grow in your area and be aware of look-alikes.

4. Seek permission for collecting at a site. You may need a permit to harvest on public lands.

5. Do not harvest endangered, protected or sensitive-to-disturbance species.
When in doubt, leave the plants alone.

6. Never Damage. A wildcrafter should never damage or deplete a plant community.
For sustainable harvesting taking at most one in ten.

7. Never harvest more than you can process promptly.

8. Harvest only healthy specimens that are not contaminated in any way.

9. Consider your impact on the land before you harvest. Fill in any holes and clean up any debris—
Leave area pristine.

10. Process or Distill Quickly harvested plants as soon as possible after they have been gathered.
Plant material must be fresh and unspoiled for the best-quality medicine or product.

About Jeanne Rose:
Jeanne Rose is the founder of New Age Creations,
the first body-care company in the United States to use aromatherapy (since 1967).
She is the Director of the Institute of Aromatic Studies, principal tutor of both
the Herbal Studies Course and the Aromatherapy Studies Course – Practitioner by home-study.
She brings 40 years of experience and personal research in her practice of Aromatherapy.


Pleasure in the job ..
puts perfection in the work.
~ Aristotle

Harvest to Hydrosol by  Ann Harmon

Harvest to Hydrosol by
Ann Harmon

The above is a good book on harvesting and distilling for hydrosols by Ann Harmon
Please visit our page: Harvest to Hydrosol

Hope you are enjoying the End of Spring early Summer weather.!

End Quote:

A single rose can be my garden …
A single friend, my world.
~ Leo Buscaglia

A Red Rose www.SunRoseAromatics.com
A Red Rose

Til next time ~ Rosanne