Beware Dr. Google

using essential oils safely

Who among us hasn’t turned to Dr. Google in our time of need? Dr. Google can be a great resource to prepare for an appointment with an actual doctor. We should all be strong advocates for our own health, so having the tools at our fingertips to research symptoms, treatment options, etc. is a wonderful thing. However, Dr. Google should never be a substitute for consulting with a medical professional. When it comes to using essential oils safely, we need to do more than just follow random advice we find through an online search.

In a post for life holistically, Leslie Moldenauer (CHNC, HHP, Cert. Aroma) warns us of the dangers of taking advice from Dr. Google about aromatherapy:

With the accessibility of information on the Internet, should we go to the doctor, whether it is an allopathic or complementary practitioner? When speaking to aromatherapy, people search the Internet, Facebook or Pinterest, asking for an oil or oil blend that will help their health concern. Many times, the method of application and safety is not covered, so in cases of someone searching for information with limited knowledge of the topic, it can be a precarious situation. The recommendations given online come from a place of wanting to help others, but many times, they miss the mark.

This post of a great resource for learning ways to use aromatherapy safely and responsibly. We highly recommend giving it a thorough read. Aromatherapy can be a safe and healthy way to improve daily life, but learning to use essential oils safely is the number one priority.