New Year Eve ~ 2012

A new dawn Jan 01, 2013

It’s the last day of 2012 ~ looking back on the year and letting go of the bad .. embracing the good and looking forward to the future !

“The big question is ~
whether you are going to be able to say ~
a hearty yes to your adventure ”
~ Joseph Campbell

What a wonderful way to end the New Year ~
the below testimonial from a customer on the use
of Shea Butter for her Dad ..

Testimonial for the shea butter.
My 87 year old father suffers from Chronic Venous Insufficiency. This condition can cause a breakdown of the skin tissue. He had several areas on both his legs where this happened. The skin was open and there was a watery discharge oozing from them. Not a pretty sight.

The vascular specialist was treating him with leg compression wraps – with little improvement. After several months a consulting physician recommended using shea butter to aid in the healing of the skin. Twice a week, when the compression wraps are removed, his legs are slathered with the shea butter and massaged into the skin.

The results were amazing. The skin began to heal and has become supple. He has less pain now that the skin is not as taut and his doctor expects him to be free of the banding wraps in another week or so. Your shea butter is amazing.

Thank you so much for carrying such an exceptional product.
~ Jeanne K.
Bronx, New York
Decemeber 31, 2012

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Shea Butter from SunRose Aromatics

End Quote ~
‘In every walk with nature ..
one receives far more than he seeks.’
~ John Muir

Enchanted Nature 2013 Happy New Year from SunRose

Wishing you all a very safe, happy, healthy and loving New Year 2013.~
~ til next year


Happy New Year 2013 ~

Happy New Year 2013 from SunRose to you !

Quote ~

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
Live the life you have imagined.
~ Henry David Thoreau

Another year coming to a close !!
Reflecting back on 2012 ..
some really wonderful happenings ..
and yes, some very tragic happenings ..
the yin and ylang of life for sure.

Im am so looking forward to 2013 ..
and all it brings ..
Im ready for that new adventure for sure.!!

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Wishing you all a safe New Year 2013 ~
Good Health, Much Love
and wonderful Adventures
in the coming year !!

Happy New Year 2013 SunRose Aromatics

End Quote~

Every creature is better alive than dead ..
Men and moose and pine trees ..
and he who understands it alright ..
will rather preserve its life than destroy it.
~ Henry David Thoreau

~ til next year ~~
Stay cozy and warm ~


Holiday Closing for 2012 & Holiday Good Wishes ~


Merry Christmas

At this special time of year,
we wanted to take a moment to simply say ..
Thank You.
We wish our SunRose Family
a peaceful and loving Holiday Season.

May New Year 2013 bring only wondrous adventures
and blessings to us all !!

Thank you from my heart to yours ~
for all the support throughout
the years ~~

Special thanks to ::
Ms Sally Ann Prisco & Ms Johanna Tramo
for all they do at SunRose
to make our products and packaging beautiful.

SunRose Holiday closing will be the following ::

Friday ~ December 21st, 2012 (Happy Solstice)
we will return on ::
Wednesday ~ January 2nd, 2013

Looking forward to serving you in the New Year 2013.~ 

Happy New Year 2013
 til next time,
stay safe, cozy and warm
during the Holiday Season
~ Rosanne