Beware Dr. Google

Who among us hasn’t turned to Dr. Google in our time of need? Dr. Google can be a great resource to prepare for an appointment with an actual doctor. We should all be strong advocates for our own health, so having the tools at our fingertips to research symptoms, treatment options, etc. is a wonderful thing. However, Dr. Google should never be a substitute for consulting with a medical professional. When it comes to using essential oils safely, we need to do more than just follow random advice we find through an online search.

In a post for life holistically, Leslie Moldenauer (CHNC, HHP, Cert. Aroma) warns us of the dangers of taking advice from Dr. Google about aromatherapy:

With the accessibility of information on the Internet, should we go to the doctor, whether it is an allopathic or complementary practitioner? When speaking to aromatherapy, people search the Internet, Facebook or Pinterest, asking for an oil or oil blend that will help their health concern. Many times, the method of application and safety is not covered, so in cases of someone searching for information with limited knowledge of the topic, it can be a precarious situation. The recommendations given online come from a place of wanting to help others, but many times, they miss the mark.

This post of a great resource for learning ways to use aromatherapy safely and responsibly. We highly recommend giving it a thorough read. Aromatherapy can be a safe and healthy way to improve daily life, but learning to use essential oils safely is the number one priority.


Spring Ahead ~

Womens Day March 8th

March 8th is International Women’s Day ~
International Women’s Day has been observed since in the early 1900’s, a time of great expansion and turbulence in the industrialized world that saw booming population growth and the rise of radical ideologies.

Annually on 8 March, thousands of events are held throughout the world to inspire women and celebrate  achievements. A global web of  rich and diverse local activity connects women from all around the world ranging from political rallies, business conferences, government activities and networking events through to local women’s craft markets, theatric performances, fashion parades and more. To read more about this please visit: International Women’s Day

Spring Forward 2013

Quote for Spring ~

The spring came suddenly,
bursting upon the world as a child bursts into a room,
with a laugh and a shout and hands full of flowers.

And time marches on !!! We had a snow storm today, but I feel Spring ready to burst and all the flowers are starting to wake up from their winter sleep.
Don’t forget that this weekend is DayLight Savings time. Spring Ahead as they say .. set your clocks 1 hour ahead.!

For the Beginnger Hobbyist, we put together a ‘glassware kit’ ~
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Kit_Beginner Hobbyist

Essential Oils and Eye Safety ~
A quick word here, there has been rumors that using essential oils in the eyes is helpful.
PLEASE .. do NOT ever put essential oils into your eyes .. Ever Never.!! ok .

Essential Oil Eye Safety
Essential Oil Eye Safety

This is an excerpt from Robert Tisserand’s blog:
Not only is there no evidence that any essential oil can help with vision problems, age-related or otherwise, but placing any essential oil “in the eye” is extremely dangerous advice. Almost any undiluted essential oil coming into contact with the ocular membranes will be corrosive, possibly causing scarring of the cornea, and certainly causing significant pain.

* Undiluted essential oils should not be applied to the eyes.
* It is rash to suggest that essential oils are commonly used to treat eye problems
* Eye injuries and diseases are medical conditions, and any product claiming to treat them is a medicine, subject to drug legislation.
* There is currently no evidence that applying dilutions of essential oil to the eyes will be beneficial in any condition.
* Diluted (5%) tea tree oil may help eradicate eyelash mites, but it should not be placed into the eyes.

Baobab Tree South Africa ~ Photograph by Beverly Joubert
Baobab Tree South Africa ~ Photograph by Beverly Joubert

New Carrier Oil From South Africa ~

Botanical Name: Adansonia digitata
County of Origin: Africa
Method of Cultivation: Wild Craft
Method of Extraction: Cold Pressed
Plant Material Used: Seed
CAS #: 91745-12-9
INCI Name (USA): Adansonia digitata Seed Oil

Baobab is a penetrating carrier oil that is absorbed quickly into the skin with minimal residue or greasiness.
Visit our page to read more about it~ Baobab Carrier Oil

Spring is for sure around the corner with the Spring Equinox (Vernal) on March 20th, 2013.  Mother Nature is waking up and soon we will be surrounded with beautiful colors of Spring and the heady scents of the Spring flowers !

End Quote ~

The day the Lord created hope …
was probably the same day he created Spring.
~ Bern Williams

~ til next time,
stay cozy and warm, Spring is almost here!