About Town .. this & that .. Dog Days Ahead.!

Ok .. I have to admit . August is not one of my favorite months ..
the heat and humidity are not my friends .. though the garden will
be producing like crazy .. the tomatoes will be ripe and ready,
the baby egg plants are already coming in .. and so cute ..
the squash is just prolific as is the yellow squash. Those hot red peppers,
wow .. ever blooming for sure .. and of course.. my basil it ..
the garlic is yummy yummy .. life is good ..

About town:

My dearest friend Gail Adrian has started a new venture that is just amazing to me.
Visit her blog DEPILATRIX Wax it off .. NOW!!! She uses the best wax materials I have ever seen .. for those in NJ this is the place to go .. for those that have those ‘special’ needs … Gail .. you are just amazing.!

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Quotes for the Summer ::

” Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? ”
– – William Shakespeare

” What dreadful hot weather we have !
It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance. ”
– – Jane Austen

” August creates as she slumbers,
replete and satisfied. ”
– – Joseph Wood Krutch

Wishing you a wonderful August, may you be at the beach,
lake, mountains .. anywhere that is peaceful and relaxing.

Life is short .. enjoy the moment.
– til next time,