Dog Days of Summer are here.!

The Dog Days of Summer are upon us. Yes indeed, the heat is hot, the humidity is off the charts!

The good news .. my tomatoes are starting to turn red and I have had my first ‘home grown’ tomatoes this week. Been eating fresh squash, cucumbers, the garlic harvest was awesome. Can you tell I love garlic.!

The economy has us all ‘holding our breaths’. The gas prices are ‘over the top’ and many of us are trying to renegotiate the way we purchase items and do our ‘running around’ .. Which is all a good thing really.

They keep saying ‘Americans are soft’. Well, I don’t believe that. Call me ‘Pollyanna’ .. but I do believe .. when the going gets tough .. we step up to the plate.

The upcoming elections .. well honestly, I can’t go down that road.. politics and all.. I rather keep that ‘opinion’ to myself. Suffice it to say, I’m not happy.My generation, (yes indeed I’m a left over hippie) .. we spoke out and rebelled.. and many of us .. are ready to do it again. Are we really a nation of ‘sheep’.. ??

Well, its something to think about.!

Here is an interesting story that needs to be heard. Acupuncture treatment offered free for veterans: ‘It’s aim to help with post-combat stress’.

Another site I wanted to share: National Vaccine Information Center:
This website was created to provide you with the information you need to make an informed vaccination decision.

The new and improved is up and running, and I’m happy to report with minimal problems. Thank you all for your patience with this process and I do hope that you are enjoying the new SunRose site.

An very important issue is on the horizon. The FDA Globalization Act of 2008. It is imperative for all small business owners and our client base to be aware. Be informed.!
To learn more about this and the petition please visit: The Indie Beauty Network blog

Its been a long while since I was able to source the Grapefruit Pink Organic. It is absolutely delicious and refreshing, not to mention energizing.!

We have gotten other materials back in ::
* Angelica Root Organic England
* Clove Bud Madagascar
* Galbanum Iran
* Grapefruit Pink Organic (NOP) USA
* Valerian Root Hungary
* Violet Leaf Absolute France
* Yarrow Austria

To read more about these lovely essential oils, please visit:

Remember on those the lazy hazy hot humid days in the coming month to stay hydrated and drink lots of water. Your furry friends need a drink to .. so be sure to keep their water bowl fresh.
~ until next time,


Ease into Summer ~

These yummy mushrooms grow on my brother’s property upstate Kent, NY.
My brother calls this picture :: ‘The three amigos’ for obvious reasons.
(Yellow Morel – Morchella esculenta).
He made them for me .. just a little butter, salt & pepper .. mouth watering.!

The second picture is a favorite dish from our childhood .. that my Grandma would cook for us. We called it .. ‘tomato’s and eggs’ though aka eggs in purgatory’, this was a dish during the depression era. Saute some fresh garlic in olive oil, chop up the tomatoes, salt, pepper, fresh basil .. add the eggs , oh boy.!!

Those were bottled tomatoes and fresh herbs from the garden. Yum!

Navigating Food Labels::
Did you know the label “100 Percent Natural” has different meanings for chicken fingers, cookies and various other foods? Or that those “cage-free” chickens might not ever have seen the outdoors? Here’s a guide to help sort out what’s meaningful, what’s dubious — and what’s total fluff.

One of my dearest and oldest friend Kat just put up June 2008 ‘Rock Tarot’ readings, a fun and insightful site I think you would enjoy. To visit her page click on: RockReadings.
(I read them all, and was so surprised to read Pisces.!! She made me smile.)

Ok, are we ready to ‘ease’ into Summer fun.! Well, with the price of gas, the cost of food and everything else happening in the world.. we should still find that quiet time to decompress and
enjoy the many blessing in our lives. For me, its enjoying my garden.

Remember .. to protect your skin, and stay hydrated.! And don’t forget our furry friends, they need plenty of water as well.

Back in stock::

– Carrot Seed Hungary
– Clove Bud Madagascar
– Neroli Tunisia
– Violet Leaf Absolute France
– Yarrow Austria

The new and improved SunRose site is still working out some ‘bugs’ , so please, if you are experiencing any problems, please write me so that we can fit it right quick.!

I hope your garden is growing and thriving !
~ until next time, Rosanne