One of New York’s Bravest

I just had to blog about my cousin, Dean Tartaro, a New York City Firefighter. The head line reads:

Bravest save 5 in daring rescue from Coney Island cruise nightmare.

To read this article please visit: New York Daily News page

It is still a humid hot day here in the Bronx. My garden is so lush and blooming.Today a baby Blue Jay fell out of his nest and the parents were very loud and boisterous about it. I gently picked up the baby and placed him on a fountain that is not in use here. He seemed ok .. just frightened.

The parent Blue Jays were letting me know that they were not leaving their little one, so I quietly went in the house, waited around 20 minutes, went back out to check and the baby Blue Jay was gone.

I’m hoping the parents took him back to the nest. One never knows with nature. So I will hope for the best.!!

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2 thoughts on “One of New York’s Bravest

  1. FMH says:

    Great story about your cousin…too bad the boat owner wasn’t more knowledgable about the waters he was in.

  2. Kate Douglas says:

    What a great story about your cousin! That’s one that could so easily have been a tragedy. Also, you did exactly the right thing with the baby jay. They’re such intelligent birds that the parents will either get the baby back to the nest or to a safe place in the bushes where they can continue to care for him until he’s big enough to fly.

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