My Spring Garden in the Bronx ~

How green the back garden is!

Japanese Lacy Leaf Maple

A stone composition by my brother

Garlic growing in the Bronx

to me a flower, to others a weed

Happy Azaela

Dwarf Lilac – so fragrant

Hope you enjoyed this stroll thru my Garden ..

Donna Maria over at the Indie Beauty Network recently interviewed me about SunRose and my new book Chakra Balancing / A Beginner’s Guide. To read the interview please visit: Indie Business Blog: Are You Cheating Yourself and Your Customers?

I would like to mention that I have to give the credit of this book design and layout to Toni Esser. It was a joy working with her, and she made my first book effortless and fun.!

As I am self published, without her help, this would have been a very trying experience. Anyone in business that wants to do a project like this, writing a book which would accompany a product you are offering .. this is the ‘go to’ person.

You can contact Toni :
Toni Esser Design and typesetting

For the Cat lovers of the world, I want to share with you a wonderful woman and her site.
If you have a moment, please watch the video, it is a ‘feel good’ few moments. Please visit:
The Cat House on the Kings

Well, it was just a glorious day here in the Bronx, makes me want to ‘play hooky’ and just be out in Nature. With so many natural disasters happening around the globe, I am so blessed and grateful . Hope wherever you are on the planet, may it be a fragrant and wonderful Spring.!

~ until next time,

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  1. Herbs~Art~Family~Love says:

    Lovely pics. I want your book….once I get some money to spend on me, i am coming over to get it, as well as my eye on some other things too…

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