Announcing a new feature on UPS shipping

Dappled light in the back pasture Feb 2014
Dappled light in the back pasture Feb 2014

Forgiveness is the fragrance …
that the violet sheds ..
on the heel that has crushed it.
~~ Mark Twain

The winter is progressing, and some parts of the country are getting severe weather, be it snow or ice or rain. Winter months can be very rough for sure .. however, as in the photo above .. there is a quiet beauty that is also part of the Season. I hope that where ever you live you are safe and that you are coping with the winter weather.

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New UPS Service 'Sure Post'
New UPS Service
‘Sure Post’

We now can offer :: UPS ‘Sure Post’ Shipping ::

UPS will now deliver to PO Box addresses.!
When checking out be sure to look for that feature
if you want to use your PO Box.

A flower cannot blossom without sunshine ..
and a man cannot live without love,
~~ Max Muller

The kiss
The kiss

Yes I am a romatic at heart.

End Quote:

We love life..
NOT because we are used to living ..
but becuase we are used to loving.
~~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Wishing you a loving and peaceful Valentine’s Day.

~ until next time,  stay cozy and warm thru these winter storms … Rosanne