Winter Solstice ~ December 21st, 2012

Winter Solstice

Things do not change:
we change …
~ Henry David Thoreau

The Winter Solstice is the time at which the Sun is at its lowest altitude above the horizon. The shortest day of the year or the first day of Winter.

And so, Another year is coming to a close ~
Still amazed that it is 14 years now that we have been serving the SunRose Family.

So many many joyful and sad happenings in this past year ~
For those that have had new members added to the family,
or have had some wonderful blessings we share in your joy.

To all those that have lost a loved one ..
we send you our thoughts and prayers ..

Winter is a time to go within ..
A time of rest and contemplation
… to weave those dreams …
to remember time past .. those memories that we cherish ..

Some new Gift Sets we hope you will enjoy ~

* Incense: Resin Gift Sets ~

* Incense: Aromatic Woods ~

* Salt Scrubs ~ Himalayan Salt ~

End Quote ~
“Winter is the time of promise
because there is so little to do –
or because you can now and then
permit yourself the luxury of thinking so.”
– Stanley Crawford

til next time ..
be safe and stay cozy and warm,