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Go Green Expo invites both consumers & business owners to learn more about what is readily available so they can take steps to purchase earth friendly products & services to make our communities greener, one city at a time. To read more about it and the vendors who will be at the Expo, visit

Friday – April 17th,
Saturday April 18th,
Sunday April 19th, 2009

Time: starting at 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Place: New York Hilton – 2nd Fl
Booth # 805

Hope you can stop in and visit !

In the News ::

Veterans Concerned About New Proposal –
Charging Private Insurance for VA Care .. to read more about this, please visit:
America Abandons Veterans.

No More Toxic Tub –
Getting contaminants out of Children’s Bath & Personal Care Products
by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics .. to read more about this, please visit: Safe

And another article – in USA Today. Group finds carcinogens in kids bath products.
The above articles are exactly why labeling is so very important .. however, more important .. the consumer has to read it to be informed.

Spring is here .. and I know many folks who love to bicycle ride !!!
We’ve long been annoyed by inconsiderate drivers.

Now, it’s time to become more considerate bicyclers.
To read more about this .. here is a fun article on ‘Simple Bicycle etiquette tips’

Spring is here .. Friday is the Vernal Equinox. Remember to protect your skin when out and about. Whether its cleaning up the winter debris from the garden, walking in the park, bicycling, whatever activity you do.

Stop by our website: for your skin care needs.

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