Spring is Here!!

For those of you who know me, you know how I have always spoken out against Monsanto and Frankinfoods .. This documentary is a MUST see. Though it is lengthy, I still think it is worth the time spent to watch it.

The World According to Monsanto – A documentary that Americans won’t ever see.

A shout out to some very amazing women.!
When I was looking for a company to refurbish my Chambers Stove, I found this amazing woman Carlita Belgrove. She did a phenomenal job! That stove has history for me .. I can still see my Grandma and Mom cooking on that stove , it has been with here for 52 yrs with me. Talk about memories! Waking up to the scent of gravy and meatballs on Sunday mornings!

Please Visit Carlita’s website: The Stove Lady –

Back when I was just exploring the world of essential oils, I met a wonderful teacher, Mynou Demey of Les Herbs. She is always looking for adventure and more than that, she is always helping people, I remember when she went to Russia to help them set up an essential oil class there.

Well, here she is again, in India this time, and now has a new website called
Gopooja. Though it is just in the beginning stages she has wonderful handmade products to look over.
Visit her new site: –

And my last mention is for Tina Sams over at the Essential Herbal. She has been publishing the Essential Herbal Magazine for over 7 years now. Her new book ‘Under the Sun – the first five years’ is 15 issues from 5 years and put together into a truly fabulous book. To read more about it .. please visit her page:

Under the Sun –

Some exciting news coming up for SunRose. Within the next week or so, we will have a new and improved website. Wholesale and Retail combined. For my wholesale clients, please log into the site using your username / password.

There may be a few ‘tweaks’ that always occur when launching a new site, please let me know if you come across any difficulites so that we may fix them right quick.!

We have just gotten back in stock the following:

– Labdanum Asbolute
– Mastic Oil
– Guaiacwood

Visit :
Also, remember Mother’s day is around the corner. Look around and Im sure you will find that special something that she will love.

And Ladies … please do not forget .. to honor yourself on this special day ..

We are offering free shipping on all retail orders over $75.00.

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Enjoy this glorious time of year.!