A NYC Scene, This & That ~

This photo is of a typical NYC scene ~ A Newstand in Mahattan.
Photo taken by Phillip DelVecchio – My cousin.

A bit of a rant ~
Wall Street Journal ~
Forgive me .. but I just have to vent here .. Say it ain’t so ..!!!
The Wall Street Journal .. now has a ‘sports page’ !!!

Needless to say .. if I wanted to read sports, I would subscribe to
the Daily News .. Are things that desparate for Mr Murdock ??

He has turned an ‘institution’ into a ‘rag magazine’ .. Im heart broken.
Been reading the WSJ since 1970 when I first worked down on Wall Street.
I had hope Mr Murdock would not ‘trash’ WSJ .. oh well.

10 Ways to feel YOUNG again ~
Lately, many of my friends (in my age group) .. have been chatting about ..
‘Im young at heart’ .. though the years are creeping up on us .. we are still
happy kids inside.

This article, I thought, reflected our thoughts in many way.
Visit the Everyday Health site for 10 simple ways to stay young and vibrant.!

Forest Meditation Room ~
With Spring around the corner, Full Moon this week, and Spring Equinox March 20th this year.. thought this would be a wonderful way to start off the Spring season with a meditation page called:: Forest Meditation Room. Enjoy. !

Why Guys Won’t Diet the Way Women Do ~
An interesting article .. Turns out, men and women aren’t equal in the weight-loss game. Oh well.. To read more about this .. By the Numbers.

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March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.

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