Workshop weekend with Jennifer Jeffries

What an empowering weekend this was! Jennifer Jeffries, N.D. here from Australia, with her partner Toni Esser, on her North American tour of workshops and conferences.

Even the weather cooperated, as it was a balmy 85 degrees here in the big apple.
The workshop presentation was on Jennifer’s ‘Aromatherapy Insight Cards’.
She is such a charismatic personality, her knowledge and passion evident as each card was presented.

The cards themselves were a collaboration between Jennifer and illustrated by Karen Osborn who intuitively painted each card. The cards themselves were a work of art, each one a beautiful masterpiece.

Jennifer dedicates this project to the ‘healer inside of all of us.’

Sharing many antidotes on her Naturopathic and Aromatherapy clinic where she primarily works with the emotional talents of the essential oils. Jennifer believes that ‘we know’ how we need to rebalance our lives and regain all that we are searching for.

We need to ‘trust our intuition’, and look within ourselves to be open to answers that are being directed to us. Utilizing the “Insight Cards” as a guide in finding answers we are looking for.

It was a joy for me to be part of this workshop and I want to thank the women that attended for sharing the experience with us.

Hopefully, on Jennifer’s next visit to the US, she will ‘swing by’ and do another workshop here at SunRose in NYC.

Wishing Jennifer & Toni a safe journey on their US Tour, again, many thanks, and looking forward to doing more workshops in the future.

~ til next time,