It’s February already~

Time is flying by at a warp speed for us here at SunRose. The weather has been so eratic, some days down right balmy and then like today .. the crisp cold snap is back. Though all those balmy days has me itching to dig in the dirt .. I just feel spring is around the corner .. at least here in the Bronx NY that is ..

A sweet February Quote .. the month of love ::
At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.
~ Plato

Here is an interesting article that I thought I would share:
Aromatherapy is a popular complementary therapy within oncology settings and is known to help relieve patients’ anxiety. A new method of delivering aromatherapy to patients was adopted by a complementary therapy service at a UK hospital; aromasticks are similar in design to the Vicks® Vapour Inhaler®, with the intention of helping patients manage anxiety, nausea and sleep disturbance. to read the rest of the article please follow the link ~
Aromasticks in cancer care: an innovation not to be sniffed at.

My thoughts also that you can create a ‘smelling salts’ adding your essential oil and / or blend to the salts and sniff them.

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Love Quote for February ~
Love would never be a promise of a rose garden ..
unless it is showered with light of faith,
water of sincerity and air of passion.
~ Author Unknown

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With Spring fast approaching are you thinking about your summer garden?! The best part of winter is day dreaming of summer plantings and reading thru all the garden catalogs that have started to arrive.!

Last Love Quote ~
Love is a canvas furnished by Nature …
and embroidered by imagination.
~ Voltaire

Stay cozy and warm on those cold winter’s nite..
until next time ~ Rosanne