Swimming Garlic & Garden Delights

This is the view from my bedroom, the pergola is moving along .. if it would just stop raining for a few days .. we may actually be able to complete it.!

These are the ‘scapes’ the ‘flower’ of the garlic. The are the curly shapes, which you have to cut first .. so that the garlic heads will grow. Wait a few weeks after cutting the scapes, which you can saute like chives or use in a vase as a flower arrangement like I do. And then .. pull the garlic.

This one photo was named by my Brother Lou Luigi who every year plants the garlic for us. (plant on Christopher Columbus weekend in October) .. he arranged the above and named the photo. ‘Swimming Garlic’

Here you have my brother with fists full of ‘garlic’ !

This is the first year I have grown these ‘hot red peppers’ ..

Hope you enjoy my seeing how my garden is growing.!

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