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“A morning-glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books.”
~ ~ Walt Whitman

Eucalyptus Globulus
Eucalyptus Globulus. Picture source:

As SunRose grows and changes, we like to update our stock and add to our selection. Our eucalyptus globulus oil is now from Australia. Eucalyptus globulus has countless uses and beneficial properties.

We are now importing 0ur eucalyptus globulus essential oil  from Australia. The plants were ethically farmed and steam distilled. While the plant may not have had Koala bite marks on it, the fragrant plant contains cincole and is virtually phellandrene free. This means that the plant’s oil is antiseptic and can be heated.

Mentally, eucalyptus globulus has been known to calm emotions and stress as well as encourage concentration and clear your mind. For years eucalyptus has been used in massage oils and aromatherapy to calm the senses and release stress.

Physically it is also used to decongest sinuses and ease cold symptoms. By inhaling the scent of eucalyptus globulus, you can temporarily clear sinuses and aid in normal breathing. You can inhale the oils using a diffuser or by adding a few drops of oil to heated water and inhaling the vapor. I like the way my GrandPa would put a towel over his head and lean over a steaming bowl. Here you can add the eucalyptus globulus to the steaming water. Another option, you can put it in an inhaler  (like the ones we carry) and add a few drops to salt (ie like back in the day of ‘smelling salts’).

Pocket Inhalers
Pocket Inhalers

The antiseptic cincole, also helps when you have a rash or abrasions. It can cool the area, stop the irritation, and help it heal.

With time, we will add more to our inventory, which will include fresh herbs from the farm, especially after we have finished our move up to Maine.

Eucalyptus globulus oil can be a versatile and useful part of your home for summer scratches, winter colds, and spring allergies.

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