Recent Website Troubles

About two years ago, the small web hosting company that hosted was bought up by a much larger company. With that sale came months of trouble for the SunRose Aromatics website. We tried to work with them and give them the benefit of the doubt, but the downtime and lack of support led us to seek out a new hosting company, which we did in June of 2014. At that time, we decided to embark on a brand new website designed to give SunRose customers the best shopping experience possible.

When we decided to move the site, we did our research and found a very well-regarded hosting company. Their initial support was fast and impressive, so we made the leap. The new host was great for the better part of the past year, but recently their support and uptime has gone downhill. We know you’ve noticed the downtime. So have we.

Again, we tried to work with our current hosting company. We wanted to avoid having to move the site again. The situation just continued to deteriorate, however, and we finally had to make the difficult decision to once again move the site to a new host. The move is beginning this week. The early work will all be behind the scenes, so you probably won’t notice anything right away. Once we move the site, we hope that the only thing you notice is increased speed and no downtime! However, realistically we have to admit there may be a few hiccups as we work out the kinks on the new host.

In the meantime, if you try to place an order on the site and experience errors or downtime, please contact Rosanne directly either at or by phone at (207) 342-2046. She’d love to chat with you and take your order. If you have any questions about the website, please contact Kim directly at I’d like to hear anything you have to say about your experiences with the site.

We’re so grateful to our SunRose family for sticking with us through the recent downtime issues. We can’t wait to get the site moved over to our new host so we can continue to give you the best service possible.