organic tangerine essential oil

Spotlight: Try Our Organic Tangerine Essential Oil

Spring is 46 days away! To get us through until then, we’re focusing on organic Tangerine Essential OilCitrus reticulata. Tangerine has the most wonderful sweet, light and tangy scent. This oil is said to have an almost hypnotic effect on our psyche. It’s been known to help ease stress and tension due to its soothing action on the nervous system.

Tangerine has some of the same properties as Orange and Mandarin.

Our Harmonia Goddess of Peace & Tranquility Diffuser Blend includes Tangerine Essential Oil, but we encourage you to use it in your own blends. Try it with Ylang Ylang, Roman Chamomile, or Patchouli!

For the next week, until 2/8/2017, use coupon code TANGERINE to save 10% on retail sizes of organic Tangerine Essential Oil. We hope you’ll give this sweet, light essential oil a try!

Remember when use citrus oils on the skin to dilute first (always dilute please) and most citrus oils are phototoxic do not wear on skin in the sun.

Special Cautions for Tangerine Essential Oil:
External use ONLY.
Do NOT use undiluted on the skin.
Keep away from children and pets.

organic lemon essential oil

Spotlight: Organic Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil – organic Citrus limonum – is another wonderful citrus to assist us through winter. Its fresh and sharp scent is so very refreshing. Use lemon essential oil as a top note in any blend to help bring clarity of thought. Lemno is also a popular flavoring agent in perfumes and food, though in food recipes I always use the whole fruit. Lemon is also an adaptogen; it maye be energizing or assist in sleep, depending on how it is used.

At SunRose Aromatics, we have several diffuser blends that contain Lemon essential oil, including Sensory Delight and Sweet Dreams. But why not try creating your own blend? Try it with Grapefruit and Peppermint for an energizing blend. For a more relaxing blend, try it with Lavender.

For the next week, until 2/1/2017, use coupon code LEMON to save 10% on retail sizes of organic Lemon Essential Oil. We hope you’ll give this vibrant essential oil a try!

As with all citrus oils remember that Lemon essential oil is phototoxic.

Special Cautions for Lemon Essential Oil:
External use ONLY.
Do NOT use undiluted on the skin.
Keep away from children and pets.

aroma jewelry

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It’s hard to believe, but 2017 marks 19 years of SunRose Aromatics. To celebrate and to say thank you to our community, each month on the 19th we will offer a special coupon here on the blog. This month, we kick things off with a huge coupon! Save 10% on any of our jewelry! Use coupon code JAN17BLOG at checkout to receive a 10% discount. SunRose has a wide range of Aroma Jewelry to choose from and we rarely discount it, so don’t miss this opportunity! This coupon will expire at midnight eastern tonight.

white grapefruit

Spotlight: Organic White Grapefruit Essential Oil

Welcome to our weekly Essential Oil Spotlight! Each Wednesday, we’ll feature an essential oil to learn more about. This week, we shine the light on organic White Grapefruit Essential Oil (Citrus paradisi).

This is a sweet, sharp and refreshing scent for sure! White Grapefruit Essential Oil is a must-have for the winter doldrums. Its overall uplifting and reviving effects make White Grapefruit valuable in states of stress. Grapefruit is also said to be euphoric and slightly hypnotic.

At SunRose Aromatics, we have several diffuser blends that contain White Grapefruit, such as Clarity, Luna Magic, Midnight Portals and Rings of Saturn. However, why not try making your own blend? Try White Grapefruit with Blood Orange, Lemongrass, Spearmint, or Bergamot, or just diffuse it on its own. Play with this refreshing oil to create your own blend.

Remember! If using White Grapefruit on the skin be sure to dilute first – always dilute, please – and remember that citrus oils are phototoxic, so do not wear them in the sun. Refer to our Dilution Charts for more information about dilution.

Short story: A SunRose client loved Grapefruit, so we explained to her that it must be diluted before being applied to the skin. We asked her to please be sure she diluted this oil and to be sure not to wear it on her skin if she was going to spend time in the sun. A week late, we received a call from her and she said, “I used the grapefruit before I went tanning. Now everything tastes metallic.” “Hmm,” I replied, “What did you learn from this experience?” This was certainly a hard lesson to learn, so we ask that all our customers avoid learning it the hard way. Dilute, dilute, dilute!

For the next week, until 1/25/2017, use coupon code WHITEGRAPEFRUIT to save 10% on retail sizes of organic White Grapefruit Essential Oil. We hope you’ll give this sweet, refreshing essential oil a try!

Special Cautions for White Grapefruit Essential Oil:
External use ONLY.
Do NOT use undiluted on the skin.
Keep away from children and pets.


Congratulations to Our Winners!

We had a lot of fun with our Not-So-Secret Santa Holiday Giveaway, and we think our winners did, too! Here is the complete list of winners and what they won. Congratulations to them all!

Week 1 Winner: Chichio H. from MD
Chichio won a $15.00 gift certificate

Week 2 Winner: Jennifer D. from MT
Jennifer won 1oz each of Frankincense & Myrrh Resin

Week 3 Winner: Susan F. from CA
Susan won Winter Spice Diffuser Blends: 15 ml each Spice is Nice and Scandinavian Winter

Week 4 Winner: Sean H. from AK
Sean won the Winter Sniffles: 15 ml Breathing & 15 ml Clear heated lungs diffuser blends

Week 5 winner: Alexandra R. from AL
Alexandra won Dream Land Diffuser Set: 15 ml each Lullaby and Sweet Dreams

Week 6 winner: Alexandra R. from AL
Alexandra won $75.00 Gift Certificate

And an extra big congratulations to Alexandra, who was so lucky her name was drawn for a weekly prize and the grand prize! Take that luck to Vegas, Alexandra!

Thanks for everyone who entered. Good luck on our future giveaways!