Many thanks ! 10 Years Later!!!

This is a time of thanks .. to all those that have supported me and my vision of SunRose. Here I am .. 10 yrs later … it is just amazing to me. Many thanks to all my customers, family and friends that have been with me thru these years .. and continue to believe in SunRose and the beautiful aromatic materials we offer.
Saying that … thru the years I have developed friendships with my suppliers/ distillers from around the world. I am ever aware of the strife in many of the countries essential oils are obtained from.
Most recently, the atrocities going on in Mumbai .. and the terrorists attacks there last week. This was equivalent to the 9/11 terrorists attack here in NYC .. I had the honor of meeting Ramakant, our grower/distiller from India, a few years back. My dear friend Sandrine VanSlee had brought him up to the Bronx to meet me .. he is such a kind, gentle man .. his love and knowledge of essential oils is just amazing.
Then to read about the attacks there .. makes me so very thankful that I live here in the USA. We sometimes forget that we still do have so many freedoms, and as a female ..
the opportunities that I have .. however, would NOT have in many other countries.
The Internet has made it is easy for us to get to know the people of far off countries, learning about their customs and way of life. This has been one of the major blessings that I am so thankful for.
When I read this article .. I thought it so apropos … sometimes we forget .. we are a community, those of this modern generation have become so insular .. emails, texting, etc .. to read more:
Keep Friendship Alive – People need people. And often they don’t realize how great their need is until some moment of great joy or deep sorrow. At some point in your life you’ve probably experienced this yourself—wanting to share some great news with a friend or, perhaps during hard times, needing care and support from others …
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I’m thinking .. a ‘white Christmas’ ..
snow .. the quiet peacefulness …
The Winter Solstice,
also known as Midwinter,
is around the corner ..
Some quotes for the winter season ~
‘ In ancient times, both Druids and Romans
hung sprigs of mistletoe in their homes
and places of celebration to bring
good fortune, peace and love.
‘ Winter is on my head,
but eternal spring is in my heart.
— Victor Hugo
Blow, blow, thou winter wind
Thou art not so unkind,
As man’s ingratitude.
— William (Bill) Shakespeare
‘Lighting one candle
from another –
Winter night.’
— Buson
– stay cozy and warm,

4 thoughts on “Many thanks ! 10 Years Later!!!

  1. Gail says:

    And how grateful am I for you, and Sunrose. You have provided me with rich, unparalled quality and excellence for most of these past 10 years. And not just me…So many of us have been supported by you.But most of all Roe, My aromatic journey has gifted me with a soul sister.

  2. says:

    oh my Gail Girl ..your insight and love, your sense of humor and drama .. you know .. we both do drama .. so very well.thank you sweet lady .. for sharing this life journey with are truly my ‘soul sister’.

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