Early Evening July 9 2019

This and that: goings on here in Maine

2017 is flying by!
Lots happening here at SunRose and the farm.

We are now vending at the new indoor:
‘United Farmers Market of Belfast’,
every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
and it will be a year round market.

SunRose Banner for the Farmers Market

This is our new banner!

Our new table top.

SunRose Booth at the market

Thank you Kristyn Treloar for setting up the booth.


Kristyn & Nancy Lubin

For those of you that phone into the office and speak with our Office Manager Ms Kristyn here she is with our dear friend Nancy Lubin.

Thank you Kristyn for all you do! The booth is lovely.

If you are in Maine in the MidCoast area for holiday, please stop by the United Farmers Market of Belfast and visit us there.
We look forward to seeing you there.!!

Stay cool in the summer heat and remember to hydrate and drink plenty of fluids,
especially the elders and remember your pets too.!

~ til next time
.. Rosanne & the SunRose Family

Early Evening July 9 2019

Save the Date: 30 July 2017 & Weekend Specials

Its been a snowy winter up here in Maine 2017!

A winter wonderland

That is our Conan who just turned 3 years old February 17th!
And to celebrate we are having a special all weekend.
I hope you were able to finds some treasures you wanted.

The real exciting news,
Jennifer Jefferies ND has confirmed a one day workshop,
right here in Maine.

                                             Insight Cards

Imagine you could rebalance your life and
actually find what you are searching for?
What if you were able to open yourself to
receiving answers that are being directed right
to you?
What if you already have the answers you
were seeking within you?
If you would like to learn how to
trust your own intuition more,

class is for you.

The Aromatherapy Insight Cards are a
practical tool to help you tap into your
intuition, develop your emotional
awareness and increase your
knowledge base as you learn the subtle
uses for aromatherapy.

Date: 30 July 2017
Where: United Farmers Market
18 Spring Street
Belfast Maine 04915
Time: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Your Investment : $99.00
Early Bird Special: $75.00
if paid in full by June 1st, 2017

BYO Lunch
or you can explore the Coop at Belfast

To secure your spot
For Payment:
Rosanne O’Donnell / SunRose Aromatics LLC

Phone: 207.342.2046

Today it feels like early Spring, Mother Nature doing her thing.
Hope your Winter is uneventful.
Til next time,

Early Evening July 9 2019

Thank you to our SunRose Family

New Year 2017 !!!
This January marks 19 years of SunRose serving the holistic community. Thank you for your continued patronage and trust in us.

So many of you have followed us throughout the years and I want to say from my heart to your hearts .. thank you.

When we moved from the Bronx NY to Belmont Maine it was a huge leap of faith, however, I am so grateful we followed our dream and moved here to the farm.

We all need a dream .. and as my Mom would tell me .. ‘Once a thought, it will become a deed.’  My wish for you is that you find that dream that resonates in your soul and follow that dream. Yes it is scary .. but a good scary ..  it may take a few years (we moved here when I turned 62) so do NOT let your age deter you.

Yesterday, January 6th, was Chuck and I first wedding anniversary.
We are now living here on the farm 3 years and our gardens are growing. Filled with many holistic and culinary herbs and flowers. And hopefully in the future we will get to distill them.

Each season we tackle new projects and so, in the winter months we dream of Spring and all the new plantings we are hoping to accomplish.

Hoping 2017 brings new adventures to you all, filled with hope,  and love and all good things ..

Oh, and be on the look out .. for on the 19th of each month we will have specials for the day .. to celebrate 19 Years of SunRose Aromatics.

Stay safe in these storms, stay cozy and warm,
~ til next time ..
Rosanne and all of us at SunRose

Early Evening July 9 2019

2016 ~ is here ..

Happy New Year ! www.SunRoseAromatics.com


‘Setting goals is the first step ..
in turning the invisible into the visible.’
~ Tony Robbins

Saying goodbye to 2015 ~ reflecting on the past year and all that we accomplished here on the farm.
Plantings of elderberries and many medicinal herbs .. incorporating Permaculture principles, creating hulgel kultur beds for plantings which save on watering and also, in the winter helps protect the herbs ..
exploring the farm and finding a wealth of herbs that grow
naturally here: burdock, comfrey, mullein, usnea and so many more yet to explore and find!

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