August Winners / End of Summer ~

The summer is winding down .. did I mention, August is not one of my favorite months.
Dog days of summer .. heat / humidity yuck. The garden is still going strong, though the tomato crop was wiped out due to over water .. yes way to much rain.

Our August 2009 Blog Give A Ways:

4 oz – Aloe Vera Seaweed Gel – Christopher Dye

2 oz – A Sensory Delight Massage After Bath & Body Oil

– Gail Adrian – Radiant Beauty, NJ
– Christopher Dye, L.Ac., NY
– Maggie Howe – Pairieland Herbs, IA
– Margaret Bergen, FL
– MoonCat Farms – Jules (we need your address please), CA

Quotes ~

‘ All life is an experiment…
The more experiments you make ..
the better. ‘
– – Ralph Waldo Emerson

‘Success is to be measured ..
not so much by the position that one has reached in life ,,
as by the obstacles which he has overcome. ‘
– – Booker T. Washington

‘ Relish love in your old age!
Aged love is like aged wine;
it becomes more satisfying,
more refreshing, more valuable,
more appreciated and more intoxicating! ‘
– – Leo Buscaglia

And with that .. I wish you all a wonderful end of Summer!

~ until next time,

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  1. Jules @ MoonCat Farms says:

    Thank you so much! I'm really looking forward to trying this oil.Have a great weekend.

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